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Coming across the name Lise Desormeaux may ring a bell as a public speaker, teacher, banker, preacher or economist to new people in the business of home staging and real estate management, but from the angle of those who have bought or sold homes through her, she is the number one home staging professional in the world today. Lise has a track record in estate management and most especially in the production of the new do it yourself home staging video kits titled, “THE HOME STAGING 101 DVD” with great ideas to sell even old homes at top dollars.

Thousands of houses lie unattended today because they have been neglected and not treated the way many buyers want them to be. A lot of times, the estate owners are not at fault, only that they lack the requisite knowledge of how to get these buildings in order, to attract readily hungry buyers. There are lots of hungry buyers out there with moneys in wallets, waiting to see the best property of their taste. Some have met Lise, some have not, Lise is a professional in the business of preparing a home for sale and has a guaranteed level of experience in the field.

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Lise is a public speaker, on camera personality, home staging and decorating educator, home accessory and home product designer, real estate marketer, real estate stager, home stager, marketer, business development and business strategist, social media expert, blogger and media contributor. However, Lise has become so passionate about what she does that she started a multi-media production company producing how-to edutainment style DVD’s and e-books to help people who don’t own million dollar homes. Her passion is to give everyone a way to decorate or stage a home like a million dollar home with her signature techniques and ideas that only the wealthy can otherwise afford.

Sneak Preview of Home Staging 101:

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Redeem Cleaning Guide

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The majority of Lise’s career has been in real estate with an emphasis in out-of-the-hemisphere marketing concepts, social media ingenuity, miraculous sales techniques, futuristic branding models, moving public speaking performances and expansive business development creations not to mention a rather splendid flare for decorating (which she loves doing with her beautiful daughter). With this in mind, Lise has produced THE HOME STAGING 101 DVD to enrich and ennoble the minds in search of the truth about getting homes sold out fast. Lise has couched the production of the DVD in the most simple manner that it has generated lots of positive reviews in the realm of real estate marketing, with top reviews from home owners and realtors like Susan H. Shoer, Cici Harris from the Harry Norman Realtors, and a host of others.

Lise Desormeaux has effectively put together THE HOME STAGING 101 DVD to capture and embody the following:

  • Home staging secrets that attract buyers and make them wild for your home
  • Statistics that confirm the seller’s return on the home staging investment
  • Answers to questions from realtors and sellers – even questions most are afraid to ask
  • Detailed, but easy-to-follow, home staging techniques with No Brainers, Primary Staging and an
    absolute WOW factor

  • How to produce the WOW factor for the exterior and every room in the house including specialty rooms
  • Instruction for updating, renovating or improving the condition of any home

Lise took the production of the DVD as a standard job and she captured amongst other things, the real reasons why staging is important to everyone’s bottom-line, how to stage a home for sale as well as marketing and branding for the homes. She also talked on sustainable staging and why it is important and most importantly, she revealed the secrets of charging more money, having more clients and charging your real worth. Lise also exposed the secrets of how to save thousands of dollars by not paying expensive decorator or home stager fees and learn from a proven expert how to do it yourself.

No mistakes about it, this is about the best you can get anywhere in the world, with the best outline of information, quality rendering of straight from the source data to grow the real estate industry and benefit individual home owners. Signing up with Lise at her website here Sign Up guarantees a 10 free real estate home staging video tips plus the opportunity to book an appointment with her. It is a once in a life time offer from the staple of the professional, take it right now and get on the train of real estate actors.

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